Sybian - Is it right for you?

The Sybian is an incredible tool for body-quaking pleasure, but did you know it's also a great teaching device and that it is assembled with love and pride by the family and friends of the founder, right here in the USA? The Sybian is an investment, I get it, so I've created a little infographic (kinda? lol I'm new at infographics) for you to see if you might be a good fit for the Sybian. Learn more below: "Sybian - Is it right for you?"


This guide was created as part of the #TravelingSybian project hosted by Bunny Lampert from Sybian and Reid Mihalko's Sex Geek Summer Camp. I was given two weeks to personally experience "Ruby Red" in September 2017 and in exchange I have created three creative pieces to share here and on social media. Check out my other pieces here and here.

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