02. July 2018
Get the 411 on lubrication for sex, masturbation and more. Check out these busted myths on lube and then the link below for my lube guide!
25. June 2018
Links for Sharin' Peter's O.School class about bisexuality, being a unicorn, polyamory, dating a couple, open relationships, and coming out.
11. June 2018
Get Cliterate with this livestream lesson from O.School with yours truly. Did you know the clitoris has 4 “legs” and as much erectile tissue as the penis shaft? Join the Vibrator Whisperer, Sharin’ Peter, for a masturbation-focused tour of the magical clitoris, including sex toys and manual moves to best pleasure all of the clit.
15. January 2018
The #TravelingSybian got to go for a few fun rides at Excitement Ladies Night. Over 50 women got to try the Sybian for their first time and we captured it with our photobooth!
15. January 2018
A ridiculous video tribute to the magic that is the Sybian (and the dark magic that is my video editing skilllllz).
14. January 2018
The Sybian is an incredible tool for body-quaking pleasure, but did you know it's also a great teaching device and that it is assembled with love and pride by the family and friends of the founder, right here in the USA? Learn more with this guide: "Sybian - Is it right for you?"