Lube 101 - Slippery Fun!

Lubrication is one of those things that everyone has heard about but most folx can't remember which lube to use for what or don't think they really need lube unless they feel "dry." 


As almost any sex educator will tell you, the one thing I wish more people would know (besides "Sex is so much more than P in the V" and "Each of our sexual responses is slightly different and different doesn't equal broken") is that more lube (the good stuff!) can make sex so much better!!


Busting myths about lube:

  • Lube is not just for those in menopause or those who can't get "wet" on their own. It's for anyone and everyone that wants to enjoy sex, and adds to the fun just as much as it fixes dryness.
  • Lube is an important part of safer sex. Lube not only makes things slippery to keep condoms from breaking, but it also acts like a barrier or cushion to protect the delicate skin of the genitals from chafing, tearing or cuts that could increase potential exposure to STIs or simply cause uncomfortable irritation.
  • Spit is not the same thing as lube. Spit can be full of bacteria and yeast-infection causing components, plus it absorbs into the skin quickly, leaving little moisture left behind. (Quality) lube is germ-free, built to last and less revolting than being spit on. 
  • The right lube can make sexy time even sexier. What if you could have anal sex without pain or thrust deeper than ever before, or tackle that big toy or fist that's been on your fuck-et list? Lube is here to save the day!

To get more details on which lube to use when (water based/silicone/hybrid/etc), check out the Guide to Lube that I wrote for Excitement Adult Stores. At the bottom are even more links to nerd out over all-things lubey!


Got lube questions? Email me!