Sharin' Good Vibes with Ruby Red

Here it is, a ridiculous video tribute to the magic that is the Sybian (and the dark magic that is my video editing skilllllz). I tried to drop some product info (because I actually do love this thing) along with my lame jokes and weird faces. You're welcome for those.


I have to also tell you a story about making this video. In the middle of filming, we had issues with our AC and needed to call in for repair. My roommate goes upstairs to show the guys where the AC is and doesn't look around the living room until a few minutes later. I hear her call my name VERY sternly and ask for help with something upstairs. That's when I realize I've left out everything from the video shoot. The lights, tripod with an ipad on it, the Sybian, oh no! I throw a blanket over it and try to stand in front to hide it. Then once it's covered I turn around only to discover that I've left out a bunch of broken sex toys I planned to use to show how easy it is to waste money on cheap toys...everything is scattered all over the living room and looks like an active porn/camming set almost as if we purposely made them walk in on it as a joke or fetish or something (we didn't, I swear!). I immediately start throwing them all in a box and making small talk to distract as my face turns tomato red, and not just from the lack of air conditioning. OOF!


Seriously, it was really fun making this and I have nothing but love for Ruby Red, the #TravelingSybian and Bunny at Sybian and Reid at SGSC. So grateful for the chance to play with some video editing and bring out my silly side. Best of luck to everyone else that participated in the project (Disclosure - we're trying to win a Sybian with our entries!).


This post was created as part of the #TravelingSybian project hosted by Bunny Lampert from Sybian and Reid Mihalko's Sex Geek Summer Camp. I was given two weeks to personally experience "Ruby Red" in September 2017 and in exchange I have created three creative pieces to share here and on social media. Check out my other pieces here and here.